Art in Reverb is a collaborative art initiative that attempts to open new doors and create new opportunities for artists. AIR is an inclusive platform that values the various creative disciplines and styles under the broad umbrella of art. While some may think that art must suffer in consequence of economic recession, to AIR it comes as a necessity that artists and the creative industry collaborate; in aims of exploring new means of reaching out, and creating momentum.


The main aim of the initiative is to scout for artists with genuine vision and unique talent to endorse and promote. We attempt to provide every artist, rising or established, the benefit of exposure. AIR’s Research and Development team is constantly exploring and testing methods of expansion and outreach. 


We also help interested individuals in acquiring genuine art to build their collections, and introduce new possibilities for art patrons to invest in various avenues of art while extending long term relationships through constant art advisory and consultation. 


AIR’s curated projects aim at pushing boundaries of genre. Among our previous explorations, we have tested the possibilities of urban design as an environment for exhibiting art, with conceptual fashion, with electronic gallery spaces, and adding dimensions of form and movement to images. Our publications revolve around the continuously evolving nature of the art scene. Through selective placement drawn from an interdisciplinary perspective.


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